Ty Newydd Country Hotel

Team Activities

The Ty Newydd Country Hotel has established relationships with a number of local businesses specialising in Team Building and Leadership Courses.

Team Development

Whether you have new or established teams,  we can offer team Building and Development courses tailored to your specific needs. All courses utilise both the Hotel's excellent facilities and the excitement of the surrounding Welsh countryside.

Our training partners work closely with our clients to establish their objectives, they design and deliver the ideal team development course to meet both your company and team needs.

Companies who have benefited from the Ty Newydd experience include:

  • EDF Energy
  • Norwich Union
  • Seeboard
  • National Bank of Wales
  • Rhone-Poulenc-Rorer

With outcomes for their businesses including:

  • A more motivated workforce
  • Clearer communication between teams
  • Real business improvements and a more effective workforce
  • Improved target achievement
  • Personal ownership and solution of problems


If your company has newly appointed leaders or your key players need leadership refresher ideas, our training partners offers an open Creating Effective Leaders course. Here, individuals from a variety of companies explore their leadership options and capabilities, become aware of some of the relevant theories of effective leadership and see leadership in action, through the experiential nature of the course. By learning through doing and by detailed review and feedback, individuals gain understanding of why and how they do the things they do and its impact on others.

Amongst the key skills covered are:

  • Effective communication
  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Managing teams
  • Review and feedback
  • Managing difficult people
  • The development of personal impact

To discuss any training needs and to further explore the Ty Newydd Learning Experience please contact us.