Ty Newydd Country Hotel


All reservations made by customers in respect of accommodation, private functions or events at the Ty Newydd Country Hotel are accepted upon the following terms and conditions.

  1. 1. DEFINITIONS - The "Hotel", " We" and "Us" means the Ty Newydd Country Hotel, Penderyn Road, Hirwaun, Aberdare, Mid Glamorgan CF44 9SX. The "Client" and "You" means the person named as the Client and who is the person, organising body or company responsible for commissioning of or payment for the reservation. "Private Functions" means a function organised exclusively for the Client, including weddings, private parties, conferences and seminars. "Events" means an event organised by the Hotel, open to the general public and as advertised in the Hotels brochures and website. "Services" means the provision of bedroom accommodation, function room hire and/or supply of food and beverages and other services by the Hotel and as published in the Hotels brochures and website. The "Contract" means the agreement between the Hotel and the Client for the provision of the Services. "Specified Date" means the planned date for a Private Function or Event or such other dates as may have been agreed for the provision of the Services. "Full Charge" includes published Event prices, accommodation, room hire and projected food and beverage revenue.
  2. 2. TERMS OF CONTRACT - The Contract is deemed to incorporate the confirmed booking as provided by the Hotel to the Client and these Terms and Condition as appropriate.
  3. 3. CHARGES AND PAYMENTS - Private Functions: full payment is due 14 days prior to the Specified Date. Events: full payment is due upon booking the Event, all Event payments are treated as Deposits and are non refundable. Accommodation: charges to the Client shall be detailed in writing by the Hotel. If no charges are specified or additional and varied Services are provided to the Client, the Client shall pay the Standard Charges at the prevailing rate on the day the Services are provide and any additional sums which are agreed between the Hotel and the Client for the provision of the Services. Payment must be made in pounds sterling, payable to the Hotel. In the event of payment becoming overdue, interest at 4% above Bank Base rate, as at the date of invoice, will be added to your account. The Hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking in full if the final payment is not made by the specified date. Pre orders for wine are non refundable once ordered. The Hotel reserves the right to alter its charges for any reason up to the date of the booking. After such date, prices may only be altered to reflect changes in the rate of VAT or for any other reason outside the control of the Hotel, in which case the changes will be notified to the Client. In such circumstances, the Client may cancel the booking without charge by notifying the Hotel within 7 days of the Hotel's charge alteration notification, or if the booking is within 7 days of the Hotel's charge alteration notification, prior to the Client completing his or her registration at Reception. By providing the Hotel with credit or debit card details, the Client authorises the Hotel to debit any charges due from that card.  The Hotel may use any deposit paid and/or debit any credit or debit card for the payment of any outstanding charges.
  4. 4. DEPOSIT - Private Functions: A non refundable deposit of £175.00 is required to confirm a provisional booking. Events: Full payment is required to make the booking. Bedroom Accommodation: Confirmed bookings require a minimum deposit of £20.00 per room. Deposits are neither refundable nor transferable. In the event that any deposit is not paid by the due date, the booking will be deemed to have been cancelled and the Client will be subject to the charges below.
  5. 5. PRIVATE FUNCTIONS - Final timings, menus and any special requests must be confirmed to the Hotel at least 14 days prior to Specified Date. Amendments to guest numbers and/or arrangements must be confirmed to the Hotel in writing. No changes will be accepted after 14 day prior to the function. Reductions in the duration or contracted value of the booking shall be subject to the Hotel's cancellation policy.
  6. 6. CANCELLATION BY THE CLIENT - In the unfortunate circumstances that you have to cancel or wish to postpone your confirmed booking at any time prior to the Specified Date, charges will be made as follows: Private Functions: Deposit and Interim Payments: Non Refundable, Less Than 180 days notice: 50% of Full Charge. Accommodation: Deposit: Non refundable, Less than 24 hours notice: Full Charge, More than 24 hours notice full refund less £20.00 administration fee. Any cancellation, postponement or partial cancellation should be advised to the management of the Hotel in the first instance verbally. All cancellations should also be confirmed in writing by the Client.
  7. 7. AMENDMENTS OR CANCELLATION BY HOTEL - Should the Hotel for reasons beyond its control, need to make any amendments to your booking, we reserve the right to offer an alternative choice of facilities. Should the Client make significant changes to the programme or the expected number of guests, this may result in amendments in the applicable rates, and/or facilities offered by the Hotel. The Hotel may cancel the booking a) If the booking might, in the opinion of the Hotel, prejudice the reputation of the Hotel. b) If the Client is more than 30 days in arrears of previous payments to Hotel. c) If the Hotel becomes aware of any alteration in the Client's financial situation.
  8. 8. ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE - The bedroom accommodation is available from 15:00 on the day of arrival, and must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure, unless specific alternative arrangements have been made. The meeting rooms are available for the time shown on your confirmed booking. Any extension may incur additional charges.
  9. 9. GENERAL - The Hotel reserves the right to approve any externally sourced entertainment, services or activities that you have arranged and cannot accept liability for any resultant cost. Should any of your guests be unable to correct any aspect or activities unacceptable to the Hotel, the Hotel reserves the right to terminate your stay. Should this occur, no monies will be refunded to you. The costs of repairing any damage caused to property, contents or grounds by any of your guests must be reimbursed to the Hotel by the Client. Any extra charges, for rooms which are deemed to be excessively soiled or dirty or beyond that reasonably expected and need additional cleaning time than normal, will be at the management's discretion. An additional charge will be applied if cleaning of Vomit or other Bodily substances is necessary. The Manager's decision is final. No wines, spirits or foods brought into the Hotel may be consumed. The Hotel will not be liable for any failure to provide or delay in providing facilities, services, food or beverages as a result of events or matters outside its control. The Hotels name/logo may be used in publicity, once a proof of the promotional material has been agreed with the Hotel. The Client is responsible for ensuring that any band or musician employed by them compiles with statutory requirements and the requirements of the management. The Hotel must comply with certain licensing and statutory regulations and require the Client to fulfill their obligations in this respect. We are concerned for your health and safety and that of our Hotel. You are required to obtain prior written approval if you wish to fix items to the walls, floors or ceilings. Prices quoted include VAT at the current rate prevailing when the Contract was prepared and are subject to alteration should the rate change.
  10. 10. SMOKING - Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Hotel including the guest rooms and any internal public areas. Smoking is ONLY permitted in the designated smoking areas. An additional cleaning charge of £50 will be applied, if evidence of smoking is discovered in your room.
  11. 11. LIABILITY - The Contract is made on the basis that the Client will or has the opportunity to insure against:- a) Cancellation, abandonment or postponement of the booking at a premium to cover the anticipated income to the Hotel from the booking. b) The non-appearance of speakers or delegates, property damage at or to the venue or its contents, third party bodily injury and third party damage. The Hotel does not accept liability for these risks and will look to the Client to make good any losses to the Hotel arising from them in accordance with these Conditions.
  12. 12. CURRENT CONDITIONS - The conditions above supersede all previous terms and conditions issued by the Hotel and apply to all bookings.